How far in advance do I need to book with you?

We hate pressure sales as much as the next person, so the answer to this question goes  a little something like - As soon as you fall in love with our work and can imagine yourself in our photographs. Having said that - in the past we've had people devastated that we were not available on their wedding date. 

Do you have any testimonials from past clients?

YES! Click here

You can also Click here to read what the editor of Modern Wedding & Luxury Wedding magazine have to say about us. Please excuse our old business name 35mm Wedding Photography.

Are you able to travel interstate/overseas?

Yes! We love to travel all the time, and we’ll go anywhere; our passports are ready. So far we’ve captured celebrations in Paris, London, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria..
We will need you to cover some of our travel expenses, but for overseas weddings we can offer you special rates to make things much more affordable.

How long have you been in the business?

We have been photographers in the commercial & fashion industry for 6 years until 4 years ago one of our fashion clients convinced us to photograph their wedding. We loved every minute of capturing their dat and they loved every one of their photographs and so we became Lost in Love.

How would you describe your photography style?

Sorry, but we cant help but hate this questions. I think its pretty clear from our work what our style is. Please refer to 'What is your approach'?

What is your approach?

We would describe our approach as balanced. We take a load of documentary style photographs as your day unfolds, complimented by a beautiful selection of fine art photographs that sometimes take a little more time to position - but never look awkward. We love to offer simple directions and let you interpret them in a way you will be most comfortable. We've had clients comment about all our brides being models, and to be honest - they are all absolutely stunning, but most are natural shy in front of the camera. We love to make sure everyone is feeling relaxed, comfortable and feeling gorgeous/hot/babin/handsome as they should.

What sets us apart form other photographers?

Our relaxed approach to achieving stunning campaign like images alongside our ability to capture beautiful light throughout the entire day. Embodying the images with the essence of your day. Classically beautiful, light, gorgeous, elegant, natural.

Do you shoot a lot of weddings?

To ensure we stay inspired (and to avoid passing out from exhaustion) we photograph  25 weddings per year only and divide our work between weddings & commercial/fashion photography. Here is our commercial work /


Do you and Daniel separate for the 'getting ready shots?

No, we are practically joint at the hip. At each house we take on different roles & there is so much to capture in so little time. Whilst Lyndel is setting up and photographing the accessories & details, Daniel is documenting the morning as it unfolds. This way we don't miss and thing and we have time to concentrate and observe, capturing some of our favourite images of the day. 

Are you able to travel interstate/overseas?

Yes, we are always up for an adventure. 

What type of editing is included in your packages?

Colour correction, cropping & light balancing is included in your package. We do not include skin editing because we believe you should look like your self on your wedding day.  When browsing our ‘real weddings’ on the website please note that none of our images have skin retouching. We use our extensive knowledge in light to create the most flattering results. Having said that, we do provide an skin retouching service if you do decide you would like to retouch a small selection of your photographs. We are yet to receive this request form a couple.

Deposits & payments

We require a 30% deposit to reserve your local wedding date and 50% deposit to reserve your destination wedding.  The remaining is due one month before your wedding when we get back in touch to go over the finer details of your schedule.

What type of equipment do you use?

We shoot with Canon 5D mark III's and have an array of lenses. We also have a collection of film camera's that we love to play with, but much prefer the speed, reliability and precision of digital camera's for important occasions like weddings.

Do you shoot in Black and white or colour?

We photograph your wedding in colour & process every image in both black and white as well as colour so that you have the option to chose what you prefer.

Can you put together a slideshow of the images for guests to view throughout the reception? 

We do not for so many reasons. One being that we like to take our time processing the images & perfecting them before we present them to you.  We would also recommend against this type of entertainment at your reception. Your reception should be a time for creating memories, not reminiscing on a day that is not yet over.

Do you have a backup plan if you are unable to photograph my wedding?

Yes. We have a selection of third shooters we can call upon if either Daniel or myself fall ill. We also have a selection of seriously talented wedding photographers that have a similar style and vibe to us.