10 tips for beautiful lingerie photos

10 tips to help achieve beautiful romantic bridal lingerie images / 

1. If you've never been photographed professionally before, if possible we'd recommend scheduling your lingerie shoot before your wedding day to avoid feeling rushed, stressed & overwhelmed.

2. When shopping for your lingerie, the cut & fit are key. Feeling like wrapped ham is not ideal. Make sure you select lingerie that hides anything you are conscious of and highlights the parts you and your partner like most. This will help you feel good & look good on the day.

Bridal Lingerie Lost In love Wedding Photography

3. A lingerie shoot doesn't mean you always need to show it all. Sometimes covering up with sheer pieces like veils, shawls or kimonos are just as sexy as flaunting it all.

4. Practice in the mirror! This sounds awks, but less awks than doing it in front of a camera for the first time.

Bridal Lingerie Lost In love Wedding Photography

5. Just like weddings, lingerie can be risky business when it comes to selecting a photographer. Choose an experienced photographer, someone that has photographed shapes and sizes similar to yourself in lingerie or swimwear.  You can even request to see more images that may not be displayed on the photographers website. Observe the light, angles, backgrounds & make sure you can see yourself being the subject in those pictures.

Bridal Lingerie Lost In love Wedding Photography

6. Have an open mind and approach the day with a bit playfulness... Maybe even a pre-wine ;)

7. Don't try to hard. Relax into it and let the photographer direct you - take it slow.

8. Hire an uber talented hair & makeup artist. This can make or break your styling. We recommend keeping it natural to avoid looking like a 'lady of the night'.

9. In our experience a realistic scene & natural light make for the most romantic shots. Make sure the room is nice and warm to avoid blue skin & goosebumps!

10. And this is probably the most important of all - make sure you feel comfortable & confident around your photographer. 

Bridal Lingerie Lost In love Wedding Photography


Bridal Shoot Lingerie credits :

Photography // Lost In Love Photography

Bride // Dani Bonnor

Makeup & Hair Artist // Janice Wu

Styling // Arnhem Clothing

Location // Haveli or Byron